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Title: How to Participate in a Transit Run
Post by: Jay#1323 on December 20, 2019, 01:01:19 pm
Operating in an official transit run is fairly simple but there are instructions to follow.

For example, you are assigned the <19:05> 3 Train to Harlem-148 Street.
You will depart New Lots Avenue at that time.
You will have to change your TeamSpeak name to the assigned call time so that the Tower/RCC/TSS can properly identify you.
Your name should be <20:54> A to Far Rockaway (as an example)
Before departing, tell the tower that you are departing the terminal.
Here is a sample brief conversation between the operator, TSS, and the tower.
You: *At 8:03 local time*. "This is the <19:05> 3 Train to Harlem - 148 Street, Radio Check,
TSS: You are loud and clear.
You:"Thank you"
*Two minutes later*
TSS may call you at that time to confirm your appropriate time departure.
TSS: <19:05> to Harlem, come in to the TSS and Tower
You: "This is the <19:05> 3 Train to Harlem - 148 Street is ready to depart from New Lots Avenue."
Tower: "Your next call back location is Crown Heights - Utica Avenue"
TSS: Thank you
You: "10-4" or "Thank You".

When you get to your call back location, alert the tower.
You: "This is the <19:05> 3 Train calling at Times Square - 42 Street"
If the tower does not respond, say "The <19:05> 3 Train is holding at Times Square- 42 Street awaiting your next call back location."
Tower: The train at Times Square, proceed and your next call back location is 96 Street.
If the tower says proceed on signal, call back at the next station stop. If the next stop is 72 Street, call back at that station.

All train operators should be aware of their locations and the operator ahead of them!
If you are in the vicinity of Times Square and you are behind the <19:05>, hold 1 to 2 signals out of Times Square. Respond to the tower as "This is the <19:15> 2 to Wakefield-241 Street is holding outside Times Square - 42 Street."
Please wait for the tower to confirm that Times Square is clear.
At Times Square, hold there until the Tower confirms that there is enough space between you and the leader to proceed. Please note that you may have to wait longer to proceed if you are operating on the express track. You can also be held to make connections with the local train.
If an emergency or situation occurs, this is a sample scenario of what will happen,
You: This is the <19:23> 4 to Woodlawn is holding outside of Franklin Avenue due to a red signal. It appears to be faulty.
TSS: Proceed over the signal at 5 MPH. If you get tripped, reset your train and proceed into Franklin Avenue with caution. Alert the tower when your train is safely in Franklin Avenue.
Tower: *Tower issues a warning to other train operators in the vicinity of Franklin Avenue*

While operating you may hear the tower/RCC/TSS call your time.
RCC: <19:05> What is your location.
You: I am approaching 14 Street on the express track.
RCC: Thank you.
If you unsure of your exact location, state your next stop.
You: I am unsure of where I am however, my next station stop is Sutter Avenue - Rutland Road
RCC: Thank you

If your leader is asked to stop at their current location and you believe you are in the vicinity of their location, alert the tower and TSS.
You: This is the <19:05> 3 Train is around the vicinity of the <18:57> 2 to Wakefield.
TSS: Reduce your speed to 15 MPH and be prepared to stop by the tower.
Tower: The <19:05> stop at the next available signal and wait for instructions

If you are rerouted by a diverging signal, alert the tower.
You: This is the <19:05> 3 Train is holding at Crown Heights - Utica Avenue. I am given a yellow over yellow signal.
Tower: You will be operating on the express track to Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center. Call back at that location for further instructions.
You: 10-4 or Thank You

At the end of your route, alert the tower
You: This is the <19:05> 3 Train at Harlem - 148 Street
Tower: Thank you and have a good night
You: Thank you and to you as well.

Please note that this is not how the MTA supervise their runs in real life but these scenarios are used for OpenBVE gameplay.